The Photographer

I'm Kim, a wedding & portrait photographer based in California's San Francisco Bay Area. I began my photography career with the camera my now-husband gifted me for my birthday to document my study abroad in Spain. Five years later, I shot my first engagement session on that outdated camera and started transforming my hobby into my career.

I am a person of nostalgia, which is the point of view I bring to my weddings. I want to serve not only my clients but also my clients' grandchildren by capturing a mix of formal portraits and candid photographs. Every summer, I visit my grandma (well, technically, she's my husband's grandma, but I love her so much, I claim her as mine), and one of my favorite parts of the annual trip is looking through her wall of wedding portraits of her children and grandchildren. It never gets old seeing my family on one of their happiest days of their lives. Through my photographs, I want to capture you as authentically as possible, so your grandchildren will see the same.

My goal for every wedding is to capture how you felt — not just how it looked. My goal is All. The. Damn. Feels. 

The Person

Before moving to California, I was a lifelong Texan. I met my husband at the University of Texas at Austin, and we instantly knew we found The One. We were crazy enough about each other, we started our little family by adopting two dogs while we were still college students — we adopted our first dog six months into dating and then our second dog two years later, both on impulse and on the way into the grocery store. We married five years after we met, in a wedding with lots of dancing, dinosaurs, and Napoleon Dynamite references. (You can see our wedding on Green Wedding Shoes here and here.) Now, all four of us are happily nesting in Oakland, CA. In addition to photography, my husband, and our dogs, I am obsessed with:

+ Cooking Vietnamese dishes from my childhood

+ Attempting to travel all 7 continents (North America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia have been crossed off)

+ Getting down on the dance floor (a good marriage HAS to begin with a good dance floor, am I right?!)

+ Relating everything back to a quote from The Office. Hands down, the best episode of The Office is The Injury. And this is the best scene ever.

To learn more, email me at hi{at}